Joe and Janice Arneson’s Cars

1950 Studebaker Champion owned by Joe and Janice Arneson. Joe had a great friend by the name of Curtis Dalton. Curtis had restored the Green Hornet and drove it almost every day. Joe helped Curtis take care of the car and stored it for him in the winter. One of his last wishes was for Joe to have the car 🚗.

Joe purchased the 1969 Pontiac GTO in Smith Center,Kansas while home on leave from the Army. Joe and his wife Janice drove the car to Texas and Mexico on their Honeymoon in 1971. In 1974 they traded the GTO for a 1974 Grand Prix. In 1995 Janice bought the GTO back for Joes 50th birthday. Joe with alot of help from Gary Harshberger restorated the car. Then in May 2019 a tornado hit their house and shop and damaged both cars. The GTO hopefully will be repaired by this summer.