The LRAACA Scholarship Program was recently revised to both promote earlier and easier application, and to encourage candidate membership in LRAACA.  The revision reflected the following considerations:

  1. The club’s desire to increase the mutual benefit of the scholarship program to the recipients and LRAACA
  2. Growing interest and emphasis in the community in non-traditional (vocational-technical) education
  3. The need to increase the visibility of the LRAACA Scholarship Program to potential recipients, counselors, and the community at large
  4. The club’s desire for greater contact with candidates before and after scholarship awards

These are the revised attributes of the Scholarship Program:

  1. Field of Eligibility: Open to graduating high school seniors who are residents of Douglas County.  (Douglas County students attend high schools in seven different school districts, some of which are actually outside Douglas Country.  Douglas County residents are eligible, regardless of their high school location.)   The Scholarship Committee may award a second (follow-on) scholarship to previous awardees pursuing multi-year automotive-related certifications and qualifications.  The candidates must meet all scholarship requirements, including Douglas County residency, and formal report of satisfactory school performance


  2. Course of Study: Scholarship preference for candidates who will pursue fields of study directed toward hands-on automotive certifications, and automotive-related technologies, such as welding and skills related to automotive preservation, restoration and maintenance. Consideration will also be given to candidates pursuing college degrees related to automotive and preservation technologies.  Candidate intentions toward automotive and related technologies will be verified during personal interviews and a review of current and projected class schedules


  3. Yearly total value of scholarships is determined by the LRAACA Board, based on the budget and status of reserve funds
  4. Selection of recipients and amount of individual scholarships is determined by the Scholarship Committee, on the basis of transcript grades, personal interviews and intended field of study. When candidates are equally qualified, and the yearly budget does not permit awarding additional scholarships, the Scholarship Committee may consider financial need in determining scholarship selection


  5. Scholarships will be announced at recipients’ school awards ceremonies by Scholarship Committee members (other club members, if required)
  6. Scholarship checks are sent directly to the school that recipients will attend. Proof of enrollment must be provided by scholarship recipients before payments will be provided to the schools. Recipients must also provide the name, address, phone and email of the school point of contact
  7. Scholarship applications must be received by February of the award year. To facilitate and standardize scholarship applications, candidates will apply for LRAACA scholarships using the existing scholarship application forms used by their high school, and by completing a supplemental form provided by the LRAACA.  Scholarship applications will be accepted in printed and electronic format– electronic submission is encouraged


  8. LRAACA will award Adjunct Membership to scholarship winners for the period of their scholarship


  9. All scholarship applicants are invited and urged to participate in LRAACA events, and particularly in the club’s Swap Meet and Car Show

Applications should be submitted to Tony Mitchell, LRAACA Scholarship Chairman



To apply for a scholarship from LRAACA, please download the scholarship application form to the right. This form should be completed and submitted through your high school school along with your high school’s application form and transcript record.